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    I am glad we found each other! I am an on-location photographer specializing in fresh, modern portraits for babies, kids, maternity, couples and families using natural light.

    If I told you that I was once an event planner turned aspiring librarian with a Masters of Library Information Science degree turned account manager turned portrait photographer, I would not blame you for the confused look on your face. I have a nice blend of relaxed professionalism and a joy of interacting with people of all ages.

    I love making photo sessions a memory that captures a story - whether it's the wrink-ly finger of a 10-day old baby, the go-to silly face of a 3-year old boy or the intimate hug of a newly engaged couple. Take a look around and let's connect if you would like me to help capture your story.

Here comes December

It’s almost Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my second-favorite holiday of the year (Christmas being my first). I’m contemplating Thanksgiving, so indulge me for a moment while I go down the thankful road.:)

This year has brought some ups and downs. You, my photography clients, are my big UP.   I’m thankful for meeting so many new, friendly, warm and fun people. I’ve been silly in front of you, but we’ve had fun, right?

My best blessings from God is my main squeeze – my wonderful husband, Jason – and my adorable, almost-four-year old son, Seth. I’m so thankful for them. They are (one of) the reason I’m closing my photography shop for December.

Oh, you’ll hear from me here and on Facebook.  But, I’m taking self-induced time-off.  I’m available to arrange future photo sessions in 2014, but I will not be scheduling any sessions in December.

Would you believe on one of my mini session days, I managed to slip away and get my fall family photo sessions taken??  Oh, yeah! I love the two gals that I use for when I need pictures of my family. If my schedule will not work with a client’s schedule, I have no problems sharing the love and recommending you check them out for their availability.

Yes, it was cold, rainy and windy.:)But, you bear up – because we’re Minnesotans – and when you get the pictures, you’re so happy you did.

Hope you all have good Thanksgiving celebrations!


This tow-headed little boy. I just couldn’t bear to cut his summer blonde locks until after our photo session. Hee, hee.

Move along, ladies. I’ve got to brag on my handsome husband. So, yes. Yes, I will un-ashamedly post his headshot picture.;)


Fall Mini Sessions

WHAT are Mini Sessions

-25 minute portrait session

WHEN and WHERE are the Fall Mini Sessions?

- Saturday, September 28th and Saturday, October 12th: Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers, MN. There is a red sugar shack, un-groomed trails for short hikes in the forest and a great bridge over a dry creek…all underneath a beautiful autumn forest canopy.

What times are available All sessions will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis (space is limited)

- September 28th sessions are available between 9am – 12pm and 4pm – 5pm. 

- October 12th sessions are available between 9am – 12pm.

How do Mini Sessions work?

- Sessions will start on the hour and the half hour and are 25 minutes max in length.

- Available to groups up to 5 people max (kids, families, couples, headshots)

- Assorted posed and candid shots (Feel free to bring a few props of your own)

Mini Sessions:

$65.00 plus tax for 10 images

- 25 minute session

- Online ordering gallery with up to 20 images from which you may choose 10 image files

- Option to purchase additional image files beyond your 10 select images

- All files will be delivered electronically

NOTE: Mini Session purchase is non-refundable.

IMPORTANT! To secure your Mini Session, please email me at with 2 details: 
- Mini Session date (Sept. 28th or Oct.12th)
- Top 3 times slots that work for your family (ex. 10am. 4pm, or 5pm)
I will connect with you after Labor Day confirming one of the time slots that you selected.  I look forward to spending time with you and your family on a nice autumn day!

Newborn – little Mr. “J”

Double-digit years ago, there was a new girl in my 3rd grade class. She was new to Minnesota, hailing from New Jersey. Jenny was friendly and funny. We became fast friends and it wasn’t long before we were BFFs. We’ve gone to church and school together. We made it through junior and senior high school (alive!), thankful for true friends in one another.  I can still remember making up dances in her front yard to D.C. Talk’s “Time is Ticking Away”.


I saw her fall in love with Dave and then I stood up for her in her wedding. When she and Dave brought their first son home from the hospital, I was over at their house on the first day and stood peering over her sweet baby boy Mr. “H” all tucked in his crib, both of us crying over his sweet new life.  We’ve gone through so much together – high times, low times, hilarious times, fun times and really, really sad times.


And now we’re adults.  Jenny gave birth to their adorable little baby boy Mr. “J” and I was honored to capture Jen’s pregnancy, first moments with Mr. J and his new parents and big brother Mr. H.  There is nothing sweeter than to be a part of your dearest friend’s special moments in her life. I’m so thankful to God for Jenny and her friendship!



Graf Family

About 9 years ago, I was a part of a fantastic BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) group for young adults in the Twin Cities.  I met SO many wonderful people that loved studying the Bible and growing in a relationship with Jesus as much as I did.  Kelly was one of those individuals that I met and got to know through our hopping BSF group. She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  Super friendly, warm, genuine and interested in your life. She is a super fun lady too!


Fast forward a couple of years (okay, more than a couple). Kelly and I connected again through Facebook (yay FB!) and what did I see but this wonderful gal was swept off her feet and got married to a gentleman named Art . They have two adorable little kids, Mr. “M” and Miss “M”.


I was so excited to re-connect with Kelly and meet her husband, Art, and their cute kiddos.  Kelly had a great idea for taking family photos at Bruentrup Heritage Farm, where she and Art were married at several years ago.  It was a special place for them and they wanted their kids to be a part of it too.  We looked through their wedding photos to get some shots at similar places where Kelly and Art had their wedding photos done on the farm. Now they have sweet shots of those special places with their entire family!


Bruentrup Heritage Farm was a great place for photos. It’s a historical site right in the Twin Cities. The red barn and outbuildings were great backdrops and it was fun for all of us to spend the morning “on the farm”.


Doesn’t Mr. M look like he’s having fun on the farm?  He was having a blast exploring all the different areas.  I love that Kelly and Art brought Mr. M’s special toy, his guitar, for the shoot.  Bringing favorite toys to a photo shoot is a great idea because years from now it will be special to see what your child used to be into when they were a child.


August 1, 2013 - 11:56 pm

ann correll - I was standing in a phone booth on a street corner in Edinburgh placing a long distance call to hear the news the night Art was born. . . at the wedding in Minnesota enjoying all the family fun and celebrations, have pictures of M and baby M on my refrigerator. These photos really make me happy!

Newborn – little Mr. “O”

Meet sweet, tiny baby Mr. “O” was a treat to meet. He was so sleepy and easy-going during our whole session.  I had so much fun visiting with his sweet momma.


Every time I photograph a baby boy, I have to reign myself in from gushing to the new mom about how great it is to have a little baby boy.  I may be a little bias, but if you knew my son, you’d see why I gush.  So much energy, expressions, affection and fun awaits a new mom to a boy!


I could seriously spend HOURS photographing sleepy newborns!  I just want to sit there watching their every move. Can you see why by looking at this sleepy little guy?